Based in Maine, Next Tern Media seeks to assist you in the pursuit for customer engagement. Strategic communications. It's what we do. We help you do what you do, better. We take a look at your approach, your goals and help you create words and visuals to match.

We start by getting to know you.



In so many words, how you tell your story is key. Words are how you convey why your product is better than the rest. Words are how you give your website and marketing materials a personality that sets you apart. 


Photo Credit: ms.akr

We shoot have a network of fantastic photographers for all jobs. Let's chat about what you're looking for. Our photographers are fantastic. . The photo above was shot at Popham Beach with a Canon T3i.


Video is a great way to tell your customers more about you, your product and your whole story. We can shoot for you once or hit the road to produce regular, and engaging, video content.